Frequently Asked Questions

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How long until I can use the cleaned area again?

It's OK to walk on your freshly steamed carpets with clean feet immediately, but the areas need to remain open to completely dry over 4-6 hours. Do not cover any damp areas with furniture that would trap moisture in the carpet until after this time.

How should I prepare for a cleaning?

We prefer to have customers prepare an area for cleaning by moving furniture ahead of time. If furniture is not moved, we will try to only move what is necessary to do an effective carpet cleaning.

What should I do with my pets?

We are happy to meet friendly animals, but they should be locked away in another room when possible. A door will remain partially open to allow for the steam and vacuum hoses to run from the van into the area being cleaned in your house. Miller Steam will not be held responsible for escaped pets.

What payment methods do you accept?

When paying in person, we accept cash, credit / debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express), and even Apple Pay. Our commercial Net 30 accounts will receive an emailed invoice with online payment options including credit / debit cards and bank account transfers, or they can mail a business check.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Our vans are equipped with self-contained, high-pressure steam and vacuum systems. We bring 100 gallons of our own clean water and take the waste with us. The only equipment brought inside your home are the necessities, with hoses reaching back to the van.

Will you use my utilities?

We bring everything we need to complete the job and do not require any additional resources! Our vans power the equipment and bring clean water with us, and then we haul away the dirty water we extract. Some large commercial jobs may require additional resources, but we never ask this of a residential home carpet cleaning.

Can you remove gum?

Yes! It can take some extra work, but our steam cleaning and spotting solutions are great at fighting sticky substances caught in your carpets or spilled on your floors.

What kind of surfaces can you clean?

Miller Steam specializes in carpet cleaning, but we can also clean a variety of upholstered surfaces. We can clean stairs, chairs, couches, recliners and other furniture. We can steam clean automotive interiors and have your car steam-clean fresh!

Do I need to be home?

We generally want you to be present during the cleaning, but arrangements can be made for special circumstances or commercial properties.

How quickly can you schedule an appointment?

We strive to book your job as soon as possible, usually within the same week or the following week. Emergency services can be provided at an up-charge.

Is there anything you can't clean?

Some set-in stains of certain materials can be difficult to remove with any amount of cleaning power. We always do our best to improve or eliminate those powerful stains. If you have any concerns about a stain, contact our technicians about an in-house consultation.